Package NativeScript App


The Windows or Debian setup NativeScript must be followed before following this guide.

To deploy the NativeScript App, you may use a Synerty provided release or build your own.

A release is a zip file containing all the required node_modules.


This section contains the steps to build your own NativeScript App release.

Open a PowerShell window.

Create and change to a working directory where you’re happy for the release to be created.

Set-Location C:\Users\peek

Download the package NativeScript App dependencies script. Run the following commands in the PowerShell window.

$file = "package_nativescript_app_win.ps1";
$uri = "$file";
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $uri -UseBasicParsing -OutFile $file;

Run the package NativeScript App dependencies script.

PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File package_nativescript_app_win.ps1

The script will download the NativeScript App dependencies.

Take note of the end of the script, it will print out where the release is.



What Next?

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