v3.2.x Release Notes

Platform Changes

This release contains several quality of life improvements to Peek Office.

Major Plugin Changes

There are no major plugin changes with this release.

Deployment Changes

There are no deployment changes with this release.

Windows Deployment


This release is not supported on Windows.

Linux Deployment

Deployment for Linux remains the same after the changes of Peek v3.1.x

Debian: Installation Guide

Redhat: Installation Guide

macOS Deployment

Deployment for macOS remains the same after the major changes of Peek v3.1.x

MacOS: Installation Guide

Windows Deployment



The windows deployment will change to use Windows Subsystem for Linux in a future release.

Migration Steps

  1. Make a note of your User settings in Peek Admin.
  2. ssh into the server as the Peek user.
  3. Stop the Peek services with stop_peek.sh
  4. Open psql.
  5. Enter: DROP SCHEMA core_user CASCADE;
  6. Enter: TRUNCATE pl_enmac_user_loader.”LoadState” CASCADE;
  7. Restart Peek with restart_peek.sh

V3.2.2 Changes


  • [PEEK-1496] - Fix version number in released field and office web apps
  • [PEEK-1495] - Peek sometimes fails to force log out user from old UI
  • [PEEK-1492] - peek-plugin-base-js - Expression has changed after it was checked. Previous value for ‘show’
  • [PEEK-1489] - Peek Office asks for location information, this should only be on peek-field
  • [PEEK-1487] - Upon Peek Login in Field, UI stays on login screen
  • [PEEK-1486] - Make Capacitor Build scripts compatible with ordinary macOS install
  • [PEEK-1485] - Peek Offline Support - Test and debug offline support for iOS app for DMS Diagram
  • [PEEK-1482] - GraphDB, Starting a trace from a start edge fails to try trace in both directions
  • [PEEK-1480] - Enmac Connectivity Loader - Loader includes patches in its load, which breaks connectivity
  • [PEEK-1479] - Diagram Edit, clicking on disp group doesn’t select disp group
  • [PEEK-1475] - When the Peek Office/Field service goes offline, the Peek app shows search error
  • [PEEK-1474] - Event filter attributes are still visible in field when removed
  • [PEEK-1472] - Enmac Equipment Loader - Attributes load SQL is consistently slow, 3s+
  • [PEEK-1471] - Enmac Equipment Loader - Importing chunks blocks reactor
  • [PEEK-1470] - Enmac Switching Loader - Importing chunks blocks reactor
  • [PEEK-1469] - ENMAC Realtime Loader - Priority Keys is not sent on agent restart
  • [PEEK-1461] - LoopingCalls may stop if an error is thrown
  • [PEEK-1460] - Peek doesn’t warn if timescaledb isn’t pre-loaded
  • [PEEK-1459] - Peek oracle connections are cut by firewall after 60 minutes, add pool_recycle value
  • [PEEK-1458] - Peek Diagram - Operation List is slow
  • [PEEK-1446] - Search limits trace to 50 items before the trace is ranked


  • [PEEK-1494] - Field Capacitor App - Upgrade iOS Dependency to 2.5.0
  • [PEEK-1493] - Capacitor app needs to default the websocket to port 8000, not 8001
  • [PEEK-1473] - Enmac Diagram Loader - Change font size warning to debug


  • [PEEK-1481] - GraphDB Applying Direction rule to Vertex raises ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘srcDirection’
  • [PEEK-1478] - Diagram Edit button doesn’t enter edit mode
  • [PEEK-1477] - Implement twisted manhole for debugging in python services

V3.2.1 Changes


  • [PEEK-1432] - Peek Office and Peek Field build web app twice
  • [PEEK-1430] - Diagram - Positioning by key located at multiple positions needs to prompt user
  • [PEEK-1429] - Core Device - Observing OfflineConfig before enrolment throws exception
  • [PEEK-1427] - ENMAC Diagram Loader - Job Loader may silently fail to load shapes
  • [PEEK-1426] - Jobs fail to position on diagram because diagram only contains only operations
  • [PEEK-1425] - ENMAC GraphDB Loader - Vertices are imported with wrong substation class
  • [PEEK-1419] - Peek ENMAC Equipment Loader filters out components with Aliases beginning with “ALIAS-*”


  • [PEEK-1438] - Change log rotator to rotate daily, instead of on size
  • [PEEK-1428] - GraphDB - Add trace rule logging

V3.2.0 Changes


  • [PEEK-1415] - 220228 Peek Search doesn’t match search terms correctly
  • [PEEK-1383] - Diagram: Importing colours spelt as grey not gray doesn’t map to correct hex value
  • [PEEK-1358] - VortexPY re.match(value, ISO8601_REGEXP) matches Attune script value


  • [PEEK-1382] - 220120 Update rxJS takeUntil and filter to rxjs 6+ syntax
  • [PEEK-1381] - 220126 Reformat all typescript code with prettier;