Getting Support

Peek is an open source platform, Synerty provides a best effort response for community requested support, and we welcome good pull requests

Enterprise Support

Synerty offers Enterprise support for enterprise customers,

Enterprise customers receive the following support as part of their support package.

  1. 24/7 Phone Support.
  2. Instant message support.
  3. Email Support.
  4. Screen sharing support.
  5. Issue management system access.

Reporting Bugs

Reporting bugs with a good level of detail helps Synerty Developers quickly identify the cause of the problem and provide a fix.

The following information should be included in any bugs submitted to Synerty.

Summary of Issue:

A short title that allows this issue to be recignised amongst a list of many other issues. Try including a distinct detail of this issue.

Detailed description of bug:

A full scription of the issue, including:

  • The versions of the peek packages pip freeze
  • The list of enabled plugins for the effected Peek service.
  • The Peek server operating system type
  • What is the observed behavior
  • What is the intended behavior
  • Steps to Reproduce the issue
  • Any other information, such as recent changes to the system, etc.
Attach logs:

Attach zipped logs from the Peek servers, or a extract from the logs.

Attach screen shots:

Screenshots are really helpful.

Do include screen shots of screens, etc.

Don’t include screenshots of terminals, logs, etc, copy the text from the terminal instead.

Don’t attach screenshots as word documents, or zipped up word documents.

Do attach images directly to issues, or inserted inline with email content.

Bugs can be composed in word documents, email contents and then submitted to Synerty, or submitted directly to Synerty issue management system.