Helper Scripts for Development

There is a dev-scripts folder under synerty-peek project, where you can find helper scripts to assist your development of Peek.

This script checks synchronisation status between the official Peek repositories and your forked repositories, your forked repositories and your local git dev-peek codebase.



Please create an access token on gitlab if you haven’t owned one. Please go to Type a name and select an expiration date. Please make sure your check the following scopes: api, read_user, read_repository. This means your token only has read access to gitlab.

You copy your token string to .gitlabtoken file in the root of synerty-peek project.

Run the script by python

The scripts will start off by checking the difference between your forked projects on gitlab and the official repositories. Then, it will check your forked ones with your local git folders. Any difference in these 2 checks will be prompted in terminal and offer you a choice to proceed or abort the folder-by-folder synchronisation check happening next.

If you type anything other than y, it abort the checks. Otherwise, it will proceed to folder-by-folder git synchronisation check which takes a couple of minutes. In this check, it validates that the remote master branches in your forks on gitlab are in sync of their counterparts in official repository on gitlab (ORIGIN IN SYNC); that the master branches in your local git folders are in sync of their remote branches in respective forks (LOCAL IN SYNC).

A summary will display by category of check types with repository info in each. Example:

====== Summary ======
{'localNotInSync': [{1888: ''},
                    {1887: ''},
                    {1860: ''},
                    {1856: ''},
                    {1850: ''}],
 'originNotInSync': []}

This script shows your local branch status. It is like a git status for all repositories in dev-peek. It displays all repositories that are not on master branch with the number of commits unpushed, the number of files untracked to git, and the number of changes made but not committed.



This script collects garbage and optimises performace in all your dev-peek projects.