v2.2.x Release Notes

Platform Changes

  1. PostgreSQL upgrade from v10 to v12
  2. The peek platform now requires the posgresql-plpython3 package installed. (See Migration Steps)
  3. A new peek service has been added “peek-storage-service”. This currently doesn’t run as its own process but it will in the future.

Plugin Changes

There has been no functional changes to Peek in this release. There are a lot of performance improvements in this release of peek, the following plugins have changed quite significantly.

  • peek-plugin-diagram
  • peek-core-search
  • peek-core-docdb
  • peek-plugin-graphdb
  • peek-plugin-livedb
  • peek-plugin-index-blueprint

Deployment Changes

Windows Deployment


This release is not supported on Windows.

Linux Deployment

  • Upgrade Postgresql-10 to Postgresql-12
  • Installing PlPython3u Postgresql extension

As this is the typical production install, there are migration notes below.

macOS Deployment

  • Upgrade Postgresql-10 to Postgresql-12
  • Installing PlPython3u Postgresql extension

See the Setup OS Requirements macOS documentation for the updates, the following sections need to be completed again. “Install PostgreSQL” and “Install Python 3.6”.

iOS Deployment


Peek v2.0.x does not have support for iOS, this will be updated in a future release. We’re going to Ionics Capacitor framework to create a full hybrid app.

Windows Deployment



The windows deployment will change to use Windows Subsystem for Linux in a future release.

Migration Steps

Redhat 7.5+

Follow the migration steps to complete the upgrade of Postgresql-10 to Postgresql-12 and install the plpython3 package.

Stop Peek

Start the migration tasks with Peek stopped.

Stop peek with the following commands

sudo true
sudo systemctl stop peek_agent_service
sudo systemctl stop peek_office_service
sudo systemctl stop peek_worker_service
sudo systemctl stop peek_logic_service

Upgrade to PostgreSQL-12

Install PostgreSQL 12

sudo yum install -y $URL

PKG="$PKG postgresql12-server"
PKG="$PKG postgresql12-contrib"
PKG="$PKG postgresql12-devel"
PKG="$PKG postgresql12-plpython3"
sudo yum install -y $PKG

Alternatively, the RPMs can be downloaded from here and manually installed.







These can then be installed with

cd where_you_put_the_rpms
yum install -u *.rpm

The existing postgresql10 server needs to be present, if it’s not reinstall it with the following command

sudo yum install postgresql10-server

Vacuum the DB so it’s smaller for the migration

sudo systemctl start postgresql-10
sudo -u peek time echo "VACUUM FULL FREEZE;" | psql

Ensure the services are stopped

sudo systemctl stop postgresql-10 || true
sudo systemctl stop postgresql-12 || true

Initialise the new v12 cluster

sudo /usr/pgsql-12/bin/postgresql-12-setup initdb

Migrate old cluster to the new cluster

sudo su - postgres
export PGDATAOLD=/var/lib/pgsql/10/data
export PGDATANEW=/var/lib/pgsql/12/data
export PGBINOLD=/usr/pgsql-10/bin
export PGBINNEW=/usr/pgsql-12/bin
cd /var/lib/pgsql

Remove the v10 software

sudo yum remove postgresql10*

Ensure the pg_hba is setup

if ! sudo grep -q 'peek' $F; then
   echo "host    peek    peek    trust" | sudo tee $F -a
   sudo sed -i 's,            ident,            md5,g' $F

Enable and start postgresql 12

sudo systemctl enable postgresql-12
sudo systemctl start postgresql-12

Analyse the new cluster, the migration doesn’t bring across planning statistics.

sudo su - postgres -c time /var/lib/pgsql/analyze_new_cluster.sh

Delete the old cluster

sudo su - postgres -c time /var/lib/pgsql/delete_old_cluster.sh

Grant PostgreSQL Peek Permissions

The PostgreSQL server now runs parts of peeks python code inside the postgres/postmaster processes. To do this the postgres user needs access to peeks home directory where the peek software is installed.

Grant permissions

sudo chmod g+rx ~peek
sudo usermod -G peek postgres

Restart Peek

Restart all Peek services

sudo true
sudo systemctl start peek_logic_service
sudo systemctl start peek_worker_service
sudo systemctl start peek_agent_service
sudo systemctl start peek_office_service

v2.2.2 Issues Log


  • [PEEK-602] - ENMAC Diagram Loader - Agent no longer reloads all pages on restart.

v2.2.1 Issues Log

This release was required to resolve a tag and publish release issue PEEK-539

v2.2.0 Issues Log


  • [PEEK-541] - SequenceGeneratorLimitExceeded “DispCompilerQueue_id_seq” (2147483647)
  • [PEEK-550] - Peek LiveDB updates accumulate in memory and crashes
  • [PEEK-552] - Python base64.py bug causes memory leak
  • [PEEK-555] - Peek server doesn’t shutdown while celery is waiting for a task result
  • [PEEK-556] - Queue processors chew a lot of CPU when it’s paused for duplicates
  • [PEEK-557] - Queue Compilers skip some queue items and never compile them
  • [PEEK-560] - Chunked Indexes are slow because they use the ORM to query and send to client
  • [PEEK-571] - Implement Agent Sequential Loading
  • [PEEK-572] - Agent loaders fail to requeue failed items
  • [PEEK-578] - ENMAC Event - Loader fails to load if DB isn’t initialised
  • [PEEK-588] - VortexPayloadProtocol has concurrent calls to _processData
  • [PEEK-593] - ujson crashes peek when decoding doubles from realtime loader
  • [PEEK-595] - Redis connection interruptions cause memory leak
  • [PEEK-567] - VortexPY - Add PushProducer to VortexServerConnection
  • [PEEK-568] - VortexPY - Add support for sendVortexMsg priority

New Feature

  • [PEEK-179] - Storage Service


  • [PEEK-589] - Add code to queue compiler to periodically vacuum the queue, index and encoded data tables.
  • [PEEK-531] - Add config.json settings for max XXX per child settings
  • [PEEK-377] - Add config.json settings for sending service logs to syslog
  • [PEEK-581] - Add config.json settings for logs kept and log size
  • [PEEK-527] - Add config.json settings for memory debug dumping
  • [PEEK-554] - Add config.json settings for twisted celery max connection times
  • [PEEK-553] - Upgrade Twisted to latest version (remove pin from <19.0.0)
  • [PEEK-559] - Refactor queue compilers and client handlers to use Abstract Chunked Index
  • [PEEK-561] - Platform - Restart services without the unbuffered flag (performance)
  • [PEEK-590] - Create peek_abstract_chunked_data_loader plugin
  • [PEEK-574] - Refactor queue compiler client CacheController to inherit Abstract Chunked Index
  • [PEEK-575] - Update LiveDB Realtime value loader to use the plpython3u Tuple load methods
  • [PEEK-576] - Update the Abstract Chunk Index client loader to use plython3u Tuple load methods
  • [PEEK-577] - Update the Abstract Chunked Index Queue controllers to use plpython3u to load their blocks.
  • [PEEK-563] - Add plpython3u support to PostgreSQL to documentation
  • [PEEK-583] - Peek Storage - Create runPyInPg method to run any function in PostgreSQL
  • [PEEK-586] - Add TcpVortex memory leak unit tests to VortexPY
  • [PEEK-596] - User Plugin : Add option for accepting invalid LDAP SSL certificate
  • [PEEK-599] - ENMAC Realtime Loader - Add settings for background polling in admin UI

CI/CD Tasks

In this release, Synerty has rebuilt our CI/CD build servers to use gitlab and gitlab pipelines.

  • [PEEK-538] - Make pipeline builds work with merge commits.
  • [PEEK-539] - Tutorial Documentation and Example plugin: Peek Versioning inconsistency
  • [PEEK-566] - Branch builds of a peek-release now checkout all plugins on the same branch.