First Steps


The peek_plugin_base python package provides all the interfaces used for the Peek Platform and the Plugins to function with each other.

The Platform Plugin API is available here File plugin_package.json.

The following sections go on to guide the reader to develop different parts of the plugin and eventually run the plugins in development mode (ng serve, tns run etc).

Ensure you are well versed with the platform from the Overview as the following sections build upon that.

The following sections will be useful if you’re starting a plugin with out cloning peek_plugin_noop, or if you’d like to learn more about how to code different parts of the plugin.

Check Setup


Windows users must use bash

These instructions are cross platform, windows users should use bash from msys, which is easily installable form the windows git installer, see the instructions here, Setup Msys Git.

Check Python

Before running through this procedure, ensure that your PATH variable includes the right virtual environment for the platform you’ve installed.

which python

This should return the location of your virtual environment, usually ~/synerty-peek-V.E.R/bin/python on Linux or or ~/synerty-peek-V.E.R/Script/python on windows. Where V.E.R is the version number of the platform release, EG 0.2.0

Plugins and the Platform

The Peek Platform services provide places for the Peek Plugins to run. A plugin can chose to run on any service the platform provides.

Here is an architecture diagram for a plugin :