Source code for peek_plugin_base.worker.CeleryDbConn

import logging
import platform
from threading import Lock
from typing import Iterable, Optional

from sqlalchemy.engine import create_engine
from sqlalchemy.orm.scoping import scoped_session
from sqlalchemy.orm.session import sessionmaker

from peek_plugin_base.PeekVortexUtil import peekWorkerName
from import _commonPrefetchDeclarativeIds

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

_dbConnectString = None
_dbEngineArgs = {}
__dbEngine = None
__ScopedSession = None
_isWindows = platform.system() is "Windows"

[docs]def setConnStringForWindows(): """Set Conn String for Windiws Windows has a different way of forking processes, which causes the @worker_process_init.connect signal not to work in "CeleryDbConnInit" """ global _dbConnectString global _dbEngineArgs from peek_platform.file_config.PeekFileConfigABC import PeekFileConfigABC from peek_platform.file_config.PeekFileConfigSqlAlchemyMixin import ( PeekFileConfigSqlAlchemyMixin, ) from peek_platform import PeekPlatformConfig class _WorkerTaskConfigMixin( PeekFileConfigABC, PeekFileConfigSqlAlchemyMixin ): pass PeekPlatformConfig.componentName = peekWorkerName _dbConnectString = _WorkerTaskConfigMixin().dbConnectString _dbEngineArgs = _WorkerTaskConfigMixin().dbEngineArgs
# For celery, an engine is created per worker
[docs]def getDbEngine(): global __dbEngine global _dbConnectString global _dbEngineArgs if _dbConnectString is None: if _isWindows: from peek_platform.ConfigCeleryApp import configureCeleryLogging configureCeleryLogging() setConnStringForWindows() else: msg = "CeleryDbConn initialisation error" logger.error(msg) raise Exception(msg) if not __dbEngine: __dbEngine = create_engine(_dbConnectString, **_dbEngineArgs) return __dbEngine
[docs]def getDbSession(): global __ScopedSession if not __ScopedSession: __ScopedSession = scoped_session(sessionmaker(bind=getDbEngine())) return __ScopedSession()
_sequenceMutex = Lock()
[docs]def prefetchDeclarativeIds(Declarative, count) -> Optional[Iterable[int]]: """Prefetch Declarative IDs This function prefetches a chunk of IDs from a database sequence. Doing this allows us to preallocate the IDs before an insert, which significantly speeds up : * Orm inserts, especially those using inheritance * When we need the ID to assign it to a related object that we're also inserting. :param Declarative: The SQLAlchemy declarative class. (The class that inherits from DeclarativeBase) :param count: The number of IDs to prefetch :return: An iterable that dispenses the new IDs """ return _commonPrefetchDeclarativeIds( getDbEngine(), _sequenceMutex, Declarative, count )