v3.4.x Release Notes

Platform Changes

This release contains a majour redevelopment for the offline capabilities
of Peek.
There are significant performance and memory improvements to the vortex
libraries and all plugins containing data indexes.

Major Plugin Changes

Introduction of the Diagram PDF Exporter plugin.

v3.4.0 introduces PDF export support for the DMS Network Diagram. This allows either the visible network or trace context to be exported as a PDF document which the user can then download. When the Trace Export is selected, the area of the network which contains the trace is exported. Alternatively, when Visible Network is selected, the area of the network visible to the user will be the area exported. Page size, orientation, and maximum pages can be set to customise the PDF.

v3.4.0 introduces Light Mode, this feature replaces the background of the network diagram with a white background and inverts only the colours necessary to be visible on a white background. The initial migration automatically detects and populates the light mode colours. The colours can be manually updated if required. Simply clicking the button in the network diagram will enable light mode, increasing the readability of the network diagram if required.

Deployment Changes

There are no deployment changes with this release.

Windows Deployment


This release is not supported on Windows.

Windows support might be possible in Peek version 4, however it will have
a higher purchase and support cost to the customer.

Linux Deployment

Deployment for Linux remains the same after the changes of Peek v3.1.x

Debian: Installation Guide

Redhat: Installation Guide

macOS Deployment

Deployment for macOS remains the same after the major changes of Peek v3.1.x

MacOS: Installation Guide

Windows Deployment



The windows deployment will change to use Windows Subsystem for Linux in a future release.

Migration Steps

There are no migration steps for v3.4.x


Synerty recommends running the Initial Load Attune Blueprint for faster loading of the PowerOn data. You can download the Attune Community Addition App for Windows or MacOS FOR FREE from www.servertribe.com

v3.4.0 Changes