v1.1.0 Release Notes


Document DB

Peek now has a new DocDB plugin, as in Json Document.

This plugin stores JSON documents and has a simple UI that presents key/values from the document.

The DocDB plugin handles all the storage, memory caching, compressing and transport to the clients.

There is an Angular service API so other plugins can retrieve documents at will.

The DocDB plugin has full offline support, by default it’s online.

Offline Diagram

Not to be outdone by the search and docdb plugins, the diagram plugin now has full offline support as well for nativescript apps (web is supported, but it’s disabled).

Like the other plugins, the diagram will download and store all diagram grids and lookups locally. It will check for updated grids every 15m and download the changes.

The “LocationIndex” in the diagram has had a small overhaul, previously it insisted on caching all the location index chunks to the browser/device before it would locate something. Now it supports online queries, significantly improving the speed of the initial diagram load.

The diagram now highlights equipment when it positions on them.

Finally, If you’re using a web browser, the diagram updates the URL in the address bar, so you can share links or hit reload an the diagram will show restore to its previous state.


The VortexJS performance for the TupleDataOfflineObserverService class. This is the class that handles most of the locally/offline cached data that is reactivly observed from the peek client.

There are preformance and memory improvements, with the memory cached tuples now being purged after two minutes, and a significant reduction of the local storage save calls.

NativeScript UI

The nativescript UI responsiveness has been significantly improved.

Dependency Bump

Peek dependencies are upgrade as follows:

Python 3.6.6

Windows Services

Peek v1.1.0 now contains windows services. These release notes will describe how to install the services.

Windows Services

Linux Deployment

Nil, carry on being awesome.

macOS Deployment

Update to the latest XCode, 9.4.

Windows Deployment

This version of Peek upgrades several dependencies of the system. Follow these instructions to upgrade all the dependencies.

  1. Uninstall Python
  2. Delete the old Python install and peek virtual environments.
  3. delete C:\Users\peek\Python36
  4. delete C:\Users\peek\synerty-peek*
  5. Reinstall the software again based on these instructions:
  6. Install Python 3.6.6

Install PostgresSQL

Deploy the platform as per the synerty-peek instructions. Take note to answer Y and Y at the end to ensure the services are installed


Enable New Plugins

Update the peek config.json files.

  1. Edit each of C:Userspeekpeek-XXXX.homeconfig.json
  2. Add peek_core_docdb after peek_plugin_livedb
  3. Add peek_core_search after peek_plugin_livedb
  4. Add peek_plugin_enmac_equipment_loader after peek_plugin_enmac_diagram_loader

Start up the Peek Server service, it will rebuild the admin site.

Connect to the admin site at http://localhost:8010

go to Plugins -> ENMAC Equipment Detail Loader

Select the “Edit App Server Settings” tab, enter the details and save.

The agent needs to be restarted if it was already running.

Restart all Peek services.

For windows, restart the peek-logic-service service then start the peek-restarter service, the agent, worker and client will now start.