v1.3.x Release Notes


Core Plugins

The following plugins were renamed and converted to core plugins:

  • peek_plugin_search -> peek_core_search
  • peek_plugin_user -> peek_core_user

These plugins were converted to provide better integration with the platform.

Diagram Generic Menu

This plugin has been renamed from “peek_plugin_generic_diagram_menu” to peek_plugin_diagram_generic_menu” for consistency with the new diagram trace plugin.

Diagram Zepben Menu

This plugin has been renamed from “peek_plugin_generic_zepben_menu” to peek_plugin_diagram_zepben_menu” for consistency with the new diagram trace plugin.

Branch Plugin

A new common branch plugin has been created. This plugin will be used to store the details of a branch. The plan is for other plugins that support branches in their models to use this plugin as a common reference, EG, enabling a branch in this plugin will enable it in the diagram, GraphDB, and DocDB

Diagram Branches

Diagram branches is a now fully implemented

The branches can be enabled or disabled, and are applied on top of the baseline diagram upon each render cycle.

Branches can be edited with the new Diagram Edit feature.

The diagram now also has a print view support and selectable layers.

The Diagram now requires a user login.

LDAP Authentication

The peek

RHEL7 Support

Peek now has installation instructions and support for Redhat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL7)

Required Dependency Bump

Peek required dependencies have been upgraded as follows:

  • Oracle client 18.5
  • openldap

OpenLDAP can be installed in MacOS with

brew install openldap

OR Debian Linux

apt-get install openldap-dev

or RHEL Linux

yum instal openldap-devel

Windows Services

Nil, carry on.

Linux Deployment


macOS Deployment


iOS Deployment

Peek v1.3.x does not have support for iOS, this will be updated in a figure release

Windows Deployment



The windows deployment will change to use Windows Subsystem for Linux in a future release.

Enable New Plugins

Update the peek config.json files.

  1. Edit each of C:Userspeekpeek-XXXX.homeconfig.json
  2. Add peek_plugin_branch to the start
  3. Add peek_plugin_enmac_email_nar at the end

Start up the Peek Server service, it will rebuild the admin site.

Restart all Peek services.

For windows, restart the peek-logic-service service then start the peek-restarter service, the agent, worker and client will now start.