v3.3.x Release Notes

Platform Changes

v3.3.0 introduces mTLS between Peek Services. This is a security features which encrypts traffic between services when the services are are installed on different nodes.

Major Plugin Changes

There are no major plugin changes with this release.

Deployment Changes

There are no deployment changes with this release.

Windows Deployment


This release is not supported on Windows.

Linux Deployment

Deployment for Linux remains the same after the changes of Peek v3.1.x

Debian: Installation Guide

Redhat: Installation Guide

macOS Deployment

Deployment for macOS remains the same after the major changes of Peek v3.1.x

MacOS: Installation Guide

Windows Deployment



The windows deployment will change to use Windows Subsystem for Linux in a future release.

Migration Steps

There are no migration steps for v3.3.


Synerty recommends running the Initial Load Attune Blueprint for faster loading of the PowerOn data. You can download the Attune Community Addition App for Windows or MacOS FOR FREE from www.servertribe.com

v3.3.4 Changes


  • [PEEK-1831] - Payload is double encoded in PayloadEnvelope.data - Performance Problem.
  • [PEEK-1896] - Websocket UTF validation consumes MUCH cpu time.
  • [PEEK-1900] - Indexes - Field/Office Loading index updates from Logic uses excess CPU and crashes Peek
  • [PEEK-1901] - Index - Field/Office cache from logic causes performance issues and crashing
  • [PEEK-1906] - Websocket Server - Writes cause huge memory usage, Implement VortexWritePushProducer
  • [PEEK-1907] - Websocket Server - Connections fail to close/teardown
  • [PEEK-1908] - Vortex - Vortex heartbeat timeouts are very short, leading to crashes if Peek is under load for more than 30 seconds
  • [PEEK-1910] - VortexWritePushProducer - Storing large bytes causes excess memory usage, split into 128kb
  • [PEEK-1913] - Agent Loaders use PERIOD setting instead of SIZE setting for chunk size
  • [PEEK-1914] - Diagram - Performance - Lookups, ModelSets and CoordSets create vortexMsg on every request
  • [PEEK-1916] - GraphDB - Performance - TraceConfigs create vortexMsg on every request
  • [PEEK-1917] - Index - Make client handler _replyToObserve and notifyOfUpdate wait for sendMessage and log REAL time
  • [PEEK-1918] - Index - Client Handler is sending EVERY update from Logic to EVERY device
  • [PEEK-1919] - Equipment Loader - Order the field names used to create Documents
  • [PEEK-1920] - Python black code formatting
  • [PEEK-1922] - Core Search - Fix bug when being notified of deleted chunks
  • [PEEK-1925] - Platform Subprocess Plugin - [DISABLE] Crashing subprocesses plugins spawn more subprocesses
  • [PEEK-1927] - Platform Subprocess Plugin - Update parent protocol to use bytesarray.append
  • [PEEK-1929] - Add limitConcurrency decorator to limit concurrent preparing of iOS App cache responses to 10
  • [PEEK-1930] - Vortex - Peek answers all requests concurrently, Implement limitConcurrency method decorator to queue response processing
  • [PEEK-1931] - Vortex - Add support for new connection throttling, to prevent 500 clients from connecting as soon as Peek starts
  • [PEEK-1932] - Vortex - Improve performance of zero argument calls for debounceCall decorator
  • [PEEK-1933] - Vortex - Ensure python client vortex UUIDs are random, change to uuid4
  • [PEEK-1934] - Vortex - Performance of VortexFactory.isOnline calls is very, very poor
  • [PEEK-1935] - Vortex - Remove buffered message queue from VortexWebsocketClient
  • [PEEK-1936] - Peek Platform - Remove use of TCP Vortexes from peek services
  • [PEEK-1937] - Peek Field / Peek Office, Increase max open files in systemctl services file
  • [PEEK-1938] - Vortex - Add optional debug messaging for payloads received and sent
  • [PEEK-1939] - Peek Platform - create config.json option to limit concurrent peer vortex connections
  • [PEEK-1940] - txHttpUtil - RuntimeError: Request.finish called on a request after its connection was lost
  • [PEEK-1947] - Peek Enmac Diagram Loader is sending too many expressions in a query list.
  • [PEEK-1948] - Peek Admin - Edit LDAP Settings tab navigates to Edit Internal Groups
  • [PEEK-1958] - Branch Index Compiler Unicode objects must be encoded before being hashed
  • [PEEK-1960] - Storage Service - peek_storage_service fails to create new schema
  • [PEEK-1967] - Branch Index Compiler TypeError “can’t escape str to binary”
  • [PEEK-1969] - Enmac GIS Diagram Loader - TypeError argument will not accept datetime.datetime


  • [PEEK-1102] - GPS Integration - Inject GPS into PowerOn Vehicle Tracker SOAP
  • [PEEK-1123] - Inbox: Tapping a local notification should open the appropriate route
  • [PEEK-1125] - VortexJS needs to handle logged out state Enhancement
  • [PEEK-1173] - FAD - Create API subscription for works management system (Outbound)
  • [PEEK-1909] - Vortex - Add large vortex message logging
  • [PEEK-1911] - GraphDB / Index Blueprint - Rename Worker Task modules to end with “Task”
  • [PEEK-1912] - Indexes - Update all chunk load RPC calls to 120 second timeouts
  • [PEEK-1915] - Index - Rename ACICacheControllerABC._updateFromServerFilt to _updateFromLogicFilt
  • [PEEK-1923] - Add 60 second logging of Peek process stats (MEM, CPU, Network)
  • [PEEK-1924] - Storage Service - Change to recreate plsql functions every start, instead of in migrations
  • [PEEK-1928] - ACICacheHandlerABC Split functional blocks into subclasses

v3.3.3 Changes


  • [PEEK-1680] - Peek Enmac Diagram Loader fails to load. Tuple name does not begin with plugin name.
  • [PEEK-1782] - GraphDB Loader unexpected keyword ‘segment’
  • [PEEK-1815] - txHttpUtil “invalid usageType ‘O’ to check extended key usage with” should not raise an error
  • [PEEK-1835] - Abstract Chunk Index - 6 hourly integrity check notifies all handlers for no updates


  • [PEEK-1814] - Update subprocess support to use groups of subprocesses
  • [PEEK-1816] - Make Peek processes and subprocesses show process name in top (not just “python”)

v3.3.2 Changes


  • [PEEK-1808] - Abstract Chunked Index Offline Cache Check-in has a huge performance impact on field service

v3.3.1 Changes


  • [PEEK-750] - Peek DMS Diagram Feeder lines disappear when Toggle Feeder Colours is turned on
  • [PEEK-1763] - VortexJS Errors popping up when confirming operating orders on iPad
  • [PEEK-1767] - Peek Overlays fail to Update
  • [PEEK-1803] - Abstract Chunked Index Field/Office server no longer get updates from logic service after initial load
  • [PEEK-1804] - Improve GraphDB subprocess logging
  • [PEEK-1807] - ENMAC Diagram Loader Make Loader not load pages if shapes have not changed
  • [PEEK-1808] - Abstract Chunked Index Offline Cache Check-in has a huge performance impact on field service
  • [PEEK-1809] - Fix incorrect exceptions errors in core_user when users login
  • [PEEK-1811] - Peek Core Device Device filter resets when data updates arrive
  • [PEEK-1812] - Offline Caching GraphDB, Search and DocDB don’t work when caching is complete, but cache checks are disabled


  • [PEEK-1656] - GraphDB Loader Move GraphDB loading into subprocess
  • [PEEK-1747] - Platform Implement support for starting standalone plugins in subprocesses
  • [PEEK-1749] - Abstract Chunked Index Add support for caching in office/field service to speed up startup

v3.3.0 Changes

  • [PEEK-1520] - Peek Field App shows incorrect schedule version number
  • [PEEK-1575] - Docs bash ./build_html_docs.sh fails with Jinja2==3.1.2
  • [PEEK-1610] - EDNAR Branch does not exist before startEditing in diagram
  • [PEEK-1611] - Diagram Branch does not display in View Branches unless zoom level changes
  • [PEEK-1633] - Diagram “showForEdit” , “blockApiUpdate” in lookup tuples requires default values
  • [PEEK-1636] - Diagram Branch and Location loader enabled flags are swapped
  • [PEEK-1648] - Diagram ‘blockApiUpdate’, ‘showForEdit’ need default values for Peek created lookup tuples
  • [PEEK-1649] - Diagram does not navigate to diagram when there are multiple positions for a component
  • [PEEK-1652] - DocDB Code Equipment Loader continuously loads DocDB
  • [PEEK-1654] - GraphDB Loader Stop point comparison is slow for comparing a large number of classes in config
  • [PEEK-1658] - ENMAC Equipment Loader Decide to partial index name or alias independently of each other
  • [PEEK-1659] - GPS Updates Trigger too frequent diagram compiles
  • [PEEK-1673] - Core Search Search Result tabs are not ordered but they should be
  • [PEEK-1674] - ENMAC Equipment Loader Equipment loader doesn’t load conductors, even if their class is set.
  • [PEEK-1675] - Diagram Branch edit list is too long, modal taller than screen, start editing button at the bottom
  • [PEEK-1681] - Oracle Maximum identifier length does not match oracle database.
  • [PEEK-1683] - GraphDB Trace Loader Exceptions when trying to log debug message when no clients are online
  • [PEEK-1689] - ENMAC Diagram Loader Overlay Page Files fail to update
  • [PEEK-1690] - OSM Loader Check if directory exists and log an error so Peek doesn’t throw an exception
  • [PEEK-1711] - pem bundle is malformed “No active exception to raise”
  • [PEEK-1718] - Diagram showForEdit failed to filter lookups
  • [PEEK-1720] - GraphDB Loader ‘GraphSegmentSplitConfigTuple’ object has no attribute ‘componentAliasRe’
  • [PEEK-1722] - Performance issue in EnmaclmportPages.py for loop in 532
  • [PEEK-1732] - Peek Switching Permit Fields are silently dropped of someone removes permitId from custom SQL (Fix=Error logging added)
  • [PEEK-1733] - Peek Field and Office server fail to enable SSL
  • [PEEK-1735] - Reconnect VortexWebsocketClient on connection closed cleanly
  • [PEEK-1737] - VortexPY Improve robustness for reconnecting clients (peek agents) for getVortexUuidForIp
  • [PEEK-1738] - Peek Office and Peek Field don’t handle the vortex dropping while they load.
  • [PEEK-1743] - Peek ENMAC Diagram Loader Page Import fails on StopIteration
  • [PEEK-1748] - Abstract Chunked Index Logic handler sends updates to all field and office vortexes
  • [PEEK-1751] - AttributeError module ‘lib’ has no attribute ‘X509_V_FLAG_CB_ISSUER_CHECK’
  • [PEEK-1753] - Abstract Chunk Loader Listing CPU processes percent is broken as its called randomly
  • [PEEK-1754] - Search Plugin Loading Keyword Index RPC times out
  • [PEEK-1755] - VortexPY Websocket reconnect doesn’t set _closed = False
  • [PEEK-1756] - VortexPY Websocket client/server don’t handle tcp reconnect for same vortex


  • [PEEK-1653] - ENMAC Diagram loader Improve diagram loader to load pages in subprocesses
  • [PEEK-1655] - Diagram Loader Add support for filtering out layers during import
  • [PEEK-1656] - GraphDB Loader Move GraphDB loading into subprocess
  • [PEEK-1699] - ENMAC Diagram Loader Add Component Class Name loading
  • [PEEK-1721] - Add pyspy to synerty-peek dependencies
  • [PEEK-1747] - Platform Implement support for starting standalone plugins in subprocesses
  • [PEEK-1750] - VortexPY Add py support for TupleStorage (in sqlite)


  • [PEEK-1664] - Update DocDB Admin and user documentation.