v1.2.x Release Notes


Graph DB

The new GraphDB plugin provides a connectivity model with trace configs and trace

The GraphDB has offline support allowing tracing to be run offline in the native mobile app.

ENMAC Connectivity Model Loader

The ENMAC Connectivity Model loader plugin extracts the connectivity model and the trace configuration from GEs PowerOn Fusion / PowerOn Advantage, the model and trace configs are loaded into the GraphDB.

The loader loads chunks of the connectivity model at a time, and requires “Split Points” to be configured.

Diagram Branches

Diagram branches is a new feature allowing plugins to modify the diagram displayed as it’s being rendered.

Initially this includes changing the colours of shapes to provide trace highlighting support, but in the near future, this will be expanded to allow creating, deleting and moving shapes.

The branches can be enabled or disabled, and are applied on top of the baseline diagram upon each render cycle.

RHEL7 Support

Peek now has installation instructions and support for Redhat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL7)

Required Dependency Bump

Peek required dependencies have been upgraded as follows:

  • Python 3.6.7

Optional Dependency Bump

Peeks optional dependencies have been upgraded as follows:

  • Oracle client 12.1 -> Oracle client 18.3
  • Python Package cx-Oracle==5.3 -> cx-Oracle>=7.0

Windows Services

Nil, carry on.

Linux Deployment

The Linux service scripts have been modified to use systemd, This is supported by both RHEL7 and Debian9. This chane allows the scripts to work on both Linux distributions.

For upgrading from pre v1.2.x, you need to disable and remove the old init scripts on Debian.

for service in peek_logic_service peek_worker_service peek_agent_service peek_office_service
    service ${service} stop
    update-rc.d ${service} disable
    rm /etc/init.d/${service}

macOS Deployment

Update to the latest XCode, 10.1.

iOS Deployment

The Peek Mobile native app now supports iOS 12.1.

Windows Deployment


Enable New Plugins

Update the peek config.json files.

  1. Edit each of C:Userspeekpeek-XXXX.homeconfig.json
  2. Add peek_plugin_graphdb after peek_plugin_livedb
  3. Add peek_plugin_enmac_graphdb_loader after peek_plugin_enmac_diagram_loader

Start up the Peek Server service, it will rebuild the admin site.

Connect to the admin site at http://localhost:8010

go to Plugins -> ENMAC Connectivity Model Loader

Select the “Edit App Server Settings” tab, enter the details and save.

Select the “Edit Graph Segments” tab, enter selection criteria for the connectivity model split pints, and save.

The agent needs to be restarted if it was already running.

Restart all Peek services.

For windows, restart the peek-logic-service service then start the peek-restarter service, the agent, worker and client will now start.