v3.0.x Release Notes

Platform Changes

Peek has been through a large code restructure, resulting in the renaming of many components of most plugins. Peek’s UI has been massively overhauled, resulting in a much cleaner user interface. this interface update resulted in overhauled app navigation resulting in a more streamlined User experience. Updates were made to the versions of both Angular framework and and Python being used. Peek now builds native apps using capacitor.

PEEPS Executed

Major Plugin Changes

All plugins were affected by a mass-renaming which also split Peek mobile into Peek office and Peek field applications. These new names are purpose-specific and platform-agnostic, better reflecting their usage.

Deployment Changes

Deployment of the peek platform now builds several prerequisites from source, as opposed to using a package manager, resulting in an equivalent installation across all supported platforms.

Windows Deployment


This release is not supported on Windows.

Linux Deployment

Prerequisites are now built from source.

Debian: Install PostgreSQL

Redhat: Install PostgreSQL

macOS Deployment

Prerequisites are now built from source.

MacOS: Install PostgreSQL

iOS Deployment

Windows Deployment



The windows deployment will change to use Windows Subsystem for Linux in a future release.

Migration Steps

Perform the following migration steps, and then restart the Peek services.

v3.0.0 Issues Log

User Acceptance Test Results

Download test results here.


  • [PEEK-562] - Gitlab - Setup macOS builds
  • [PEEK-680] - Fix login screen redirect for Peek
  • [PEEK-681] - Fix back button for peek-mobile
  • [PEEK-694] - 2020-Oct-Orion-UAT Fix cog in bottom right not visible on Peek Mobile.
  • [PEEK-695] - 2020-Oct-Orion-UAT ORA-01805: possible error in date/time operation
  • [PEEK-699] - Alembic fails on new DB - NoSuchTableError: cache_inval_hypertable
  • [PEEK-701] - Add NGCC post install step to peek services
  • [PEEK-710] - Search results popup only works on one result
  • [PEEK-746] - Migrate Peek configuration directories v2.x to v3.x
  • [PEEK-747] - Docdb popup modals don’t open
  • [PEEK-754] - Fix Header not appearing on page load in Peek Field App
  • [PEEK-761] - Peek DMS Diagram - Symbols don’t rotate
  • [PEEK-829] - Fix field switching - operation detail page performance issue
  • [PEEK-846] - Fix docdb popup delay issue
  • [PEEK-854] - Remove all uses of ujson due to seg faulting
  • [PEEK-855] - Alembic migration logs about running multiple times for each plugin it loads.
  • [PEEK-857] - v2.5 DocDB Popups occur when no data is present
  • [PEEK-873] - “locate” property item button doesn’t function
  • [PEEK-874] - The content of exit message has a typo
  • [PEEK-885] - v3 macOS build needs libgeos
  • [PEEK-886] - v3 macOS build fails to install mssql
  • [PEEK-919] - Docdb Popup won’t close on Safari browser


  • [PEEK-671] - Add OnViewInit to ComponentLifeCycleEventEmitter
  • [PEEK-673] - Create PEEP1: Integrate CapacitorJS Into Peek
  • [PEEK-674] - Merge build-web and src folders in peek mobile, desktop & admin
  • [PEEK-678] - Replace NativeScript documentation with CapacitorJS documentation
  • [PEEK-679] - Add compatibility matrix to Synerty docs
  • [PEEK-685] - Fix Peek field incidents photo finding
  • [PEEK-688] - @angular and ng-zorro upgrade v9 to v10
  • [PEEK-717] - Update Peek Packaging Scripts for MacOS and Linux
  • [PEEK-718] - Segregate Peek into two sub-groups - Community & Enterprise
  • [PEEK-724] - Update CI pipeline scripts to build Peek community and enterprise releases
  • [PEEK-733] - Update Peek names in confluence
  • [PEEK-735] - Update and demo peek_core_screen plugin
  • [PEEK-738] - Update peek-field-service and peek-office-service
  • [PEEK-740] - Fix issues with peek-field-switching and prepare demo
  • [PEEK-742] - Remove enterprise plugin dependencies in peek-plugin-diagram-positioner
  • [PEEK-743] - Add schema renaming functionality for each applicable plugin
  • [PEEK-744] - Improve editing icons in peek DMS diagram
  • [PEEK-745] - Rename peek plugin files, class names and imports
  • [PEEK-751] - Update Peek Font Family
  • [PEEK-752] - Update Peek Field and Office config page
  • [PEEK-753] - Add an offline indicator to the Peek Field and Office apps
  • [PEEK-755] - Update Peek Field and Office unknown route page
  • [PEEK-758] - Add ant design config override file for Peek apps
  • [PEEK-847] - Add The SOS Button Back
  • [PEEK-853] - Create v3.0.x branch
  • [PEEK-858] - Update editorconfig and format code for every project
  • [PEEK-890] - v3 Update synerty-peek installs to use source for PG
  • [PEEK-894] - v3 Update docs for Py 3.9.1, for macOS
  • [PEEK-898] - v3 macOS, Python needs –with-openssl –with-zlib flags


  • [PEEK-349] - Rename peek-mobile to peek-field-app
  • [PEEK-350] - Rename peek-desktop to peek-office-app
  • [PEEK-353] - Split peek-client to peek-field-service and peek-office-service
  • [PEEK-388] - Rename peek-server to run peek-logic-service
  • [PEEK-591] - 2020-Dec Fix gitlab peek unit tests
  • [PEEK-703] - Convert peek-plugin-docdb to peek-core-docdb
  • [PEEK-704] - Rename all peek-plugin-pof/pon plugins to peek-plugin-enmac
  • [PEEK-705] - Rename peek-worker to peek-worker-service
  • [PEEK-706] - Rename peek-agent to peek-agent-service
  • [PEEK-707] - Rename peek-storage to peek-storage-service
  • [PEEK-709] - Configure Auto-Restart with Systemd
  • [PEEK-734] - Combine GitLab Packaging Scripts and Generic Linux Packaging Script into One
  • [PEEK-748] - Update VortexUtil to support multiple “accept from vortex” strings
  • [PEEK-796] - PNA - Streamline the Creation of Signed Apps
  • [PEEK-840] - Create peek-office-doc, rename doc- to -doc
  • [PEEK-849] - Add platform dependency test cases
  • [PEEK-889] - v3 Add support for Python 3.9.1
  • [PEEK-891] - v3 Update to NODE v14.15.3
  • [PEEK-892] - v3 Refactor peek-linux-sonar CI job to not need NODE_VER
  • [PEEK-893] - v3 Update docs for Py 3.9.1, for Linux
  • [PEEK-917] - Diagram colours printing incorrectly


  • [PEEK-687] - Upgrade ant design to v10
  • [PEEK-689] - Upgrade angular to v10
  • [PEEK-690] - Create PEEP2 Document