v2.0.x Release Notes

Platform Changes

Platform Backend

The Peek Admin UI now requires a login.

The admin login recovery password can be found in ~/peek-logic-service.home/config.json.
Under the path httpServer.admin.user.

The Peek-Client and Peek-Admin services now provide SSL support, see their respective config.json file, just provide valid files and SSL will be enabled.

The Peek-Client and Peek-Server services have combined the Web-App, websocket
and Docs HTTP servers into the one HTTP port.

Docs are available at http://peekserver:port/docs

Platform Frontend

This release has upgraded the following major libraries

  • Angular from v6.x to v8.x
  • Typescript from v2.7.x to v3.4.x
  • Other smaller npmjs dependencies, such as rxjs
  • An introduction of ng.ant.design, Bootstrap will be phased out.

LDAP Authentication

LDAP Authentication has been improved, it now support multiple LDAP configs, including multiple LDAP servers, or use it just for different combinations of OUs/Groups.

LDAP Configuration settings must be migrated manually

Peek Desktop

The Peek Desktop has had a face lift, the unsightly side bar has been slimmed down and neatened up.

The scroll bars should not appear any longer.

Plugin Changes

DocDB Plugin

The DocDB plugin has new information popups:

  • Tooltip
  • Summary
  • Details

These popups are triggered via the DocDB APIs from other plugins.

Search Plugin

The Peek search has been revamped:

  • It now shows as a modal.
  • The search results have been cleaned up
  • The search results now show actions from the DocDB plugin popups

Diagram Generic Menu

This plugin has been renamed from “peek_plugin_generic_diagram_menu” to peek_plugin_docdb_generic_menu” as it now operates on the new DocDB popups.


The diagram plugin has the following changes.

VIEW Updates:

  • The top left button now lets users select the Coord Set
  • The draw that used to load on the right hand side is now gone. The diagram instead triggers tooltip and summary popups from DocDB.

EDIT Updates:

  • Edit support now highlights a templates as just one object.
  • Edit support now lets you rotate a templates
  • New templates placed on the diagram are no longer invisible.

Diagram Positioner

The old peek_plugin_gis_dms_positioner plugin has been resurected. This plugin now uses the DocDB popups, shows locate on actions using the coord-set names, and is smart enough to not show locate actions for the current coord-set.

This replaces the old method of just using the result sof peek-core-search.

Diagram Loaders

All diagram loaders no longer load positions into the search db.

Deployment Changes

Linux Deployment


macOS Deployment


iOS Deployment

Peek v2.0.x does not have support for iOS, this will be updated in a future release

Windows Deployment



The windows deployment will change to use Windows Subsystem for Linux in a future release.

Migration Steps

Follow the following migration steps to rebuild the data that has changed in this update.

Stop Peek

Start the migration tasks with Peek stopped.

On Linux this can be done with

# Stop Peek
sudo true
sudo systemctl stop peek_agent_service
sudo systemctl stop peek_office_service
sudo systemctl stop peek_worker_service
sudo systemctl stop peek_logic_service

Redis Conf Update

The Redis Publisher/Subscriber buffer overflows and causes the task to fail, and the agent to retry. (See PEEK-317)

Double the buffer size with the following script

# Prime SUDO
sudo true

OLD="client-output-buffer-limit pubsub 32mb 8mb 60"
NEW="client-output-buffer-limit pubsub 64mb 16mb 90"

# Check what it is now
grep pubsub $F

# Increase the size
sudo sed -i "s/${OLD}/${NEW}/g" $F

# Check that the change worked
grep pubsub $F

# Restart Redis
sudo systemctl restart redis

Enable New Plugins

Update the peek config.json files.

  1. Edit each of C:Userspeekpeek-XXXX.homeconfig.json

  2. Add peek_plugin_diagram_positioner just after peek_plugin_diagram_trace

  3. Add peek_plugin_enmac_switching_loader just after peek_plugin_enmac_equipment_loader

  4. Rename peek_plugin_diagram_generic_menu

    to peek_plugin_docdb_generic_menu or on Linux:

    sed -i 's/_diagram_generic_menu/_docdb_generic_menu/g' ~/peek*.home/config.json

Truncate Load States

Due to the changes to the search and diagram plugins, all of the data will need to be reloaded.

Run the following SQL, for each applicable plugin that you have installed.

psql <<EOF

-- Search Plugin

-- DocDB Plugin

-- ENMAC Equipment Loader
TRUNCATE TABLE pl_enmac_equipment_loader."ChunkLoadState";

-- ENMAC Diagram Loader
DELETE FROM pl_enmac_diagram_loader."PageLoadState"
WHERE "scope" = 'normal';

-- ENMAC Pof GIS Location loader
TRUNCATE TABLE pl_enmac_gis_location_loader."ChunkLoadState";

-- GraphDB
TRUNCATE TABLE pl_graphdb."GraphDbChunkQueue";
TRUNCATE TABLE pl_graphdb."GraphDbEncodedChunk";
TRUNCATE TABLE pl_graphdb."GraphDbSegment";

TRUNCATE TABLE pl_graphdb."ItemKeyIndexCompilerQueue";
TRUNCATE TABLE pl_graphdb."ItemKeyIndexEncodedChunk";
TRUNCATE TABLE pl_graphdb."ItemKeyIndex";

-- ENMAC GraphDB Loader
TRUNCATE TABLE pl_enmac_graphdb_loader."GraphSegmentLoadState";


Start up the Peek Server manually, it will:

  • Rebuild the admin site
  • Migrate the database

Open a shell or command prompt and run run_peek_logic_service

Once the Peek Server has finished loading :

  1. Load up the peek-admin-app screen at http://<peek-logic-service>:port.
  2. Click the “Login” button, this will cause the server to write a recovery user to the peek-logic-service.home/config.json file with a random password.
  3. Use this recovery username and password to login to the Peek Admin UI.

Once Peek Server has finished running, kill it with CTRL+C

Restart Peek

Restart all Peek services.

For windows, restart the peek-logic-service service then start the peek-restarter service, the agent, worker and client will now start.

Reconfigure LDAP

Reconfigure the new LDAP settings from the Peek-Admin site, under Platform -> Users

  1. Enable the use of LDAP from the General Settings tab.
  2. Configure the new LDAP settings using the new LDAP Settings tab.

Reconfigure Search Properties

Reconfigure the search properties from the Peek-Admin site, under Platform -> Search


Reconfigure DocDB Properties

Reconfigure the search properties from the Peek-Admin site, under Plugins -> Document DB


v2.0.5 Issues Log


  • [PEEK-450] - Diagram Edit - Hide overlays when in edit mode or when viewing branches.
  • [PEEK-451] - Diagram Position - Provide config for default position on zoom level.
  • [PEEK-452] - GraphDB - Upstream / Downstream is not implemented (It is now)
  • [PEEK-453] - Diagram Tracer - Put a limit on the size of the trace


  • [PEEK-448] - Diagram - Sometimes the diagram loads and is blank
  • [PEEK-449] - Diagram - Performance fix for bounds updating

v2.0.4 Issues Log


  • [PEEK-444] - DocDB Generic Menu - Add generic menu support for condition !=
  • [PEEK-436] - Core Search - Add order to Object Types so the result tabs can be ordered.
  • [PEEK-439] - Diagram Edit - Support undo / redo


  • [PEEK-434] - ENMAC Diagram Loader - float() argument must be a string or a number, not ‘NoneType’
  • [PEEK-435] - Core Search - ujson.loads(objectPropsById[str(objectId)]) : Expected String or Unicode
  • [PEEK-438] - DocDB Menu - Lookahead REXEXP doesn’t work on safari
  • [PEEK-440] - Diagram Trace - Only show trace if key is in graphdb
  • [PEEK-447] - Diagram Edit - Saving a branch with a text disp that has no text throws an error

v2.0.3 Issues Log


  • [PEEK-408] - GraphDB / Diagram - Trace complains about colours on slow networks (first load)
  • [PEEK-409] - Desktop - If there are no config links, then don’t show the config link button
  • [PEEK-410] - Core Device - If no device id is entered, tell the user to enter one, instead of the exception.
  • [PEEK-411] - VortexPY - If VM is suspended the vortex will timeout and force a restart of Peek
  • [PEEK-412] - GIS Diagram - The diagram doesn’t load.
  • [PEEK-413] - DocDB - If there are no properties enabled then don’t show the tooltip.
  • [PEEK-414] - GIS/DMS Diagram - Switching between diagrams causes lots of errors and fails.
  • [PEEK-415] - Core User - Update Hooks API so desktop logins don’t trigger SOAP logins to PowerOn
  • [PEEK-416] - Core User - “Failed to login : not enough arguments for format string” using Ldap
  • [PEEK-417] - Core Search - “key” is not apart of the search object properties in the results
  • [PEEK-418] - ENMAC Equipment Loader - District Zone field to import
  • [PEEK-420] - DocDB Generic Menu - Add a condition to show the menu or not, use substitutions from the Doc
  • [PEEK-421] - DocDB Generic Menu - Don’t show menu option if not all variables are filled.
  • [PEEK-422] - Peek Server - Make recovery password show in config.json with out clicking login on site.
  • [PEEK-423] - Peek Server - Memory issue on agent restart (suspected)
  • [PEEK-424] - DocDB - Admin doc test screen seems not to work.
  • [PEEK-425] - ENMAC Diagram Loader - Feeder colours does not work
  • [PEEK-426] - Plugins have “ENMAC” in their names in the admin screen
  • [PEEK-428] - “View Job” has not icon
  • [PEEK-429] - Core Search - If keyword index fails, then it’s never retried
  • [PEEK-430] - Core Search - results with no property display poorly
  • [PEEK-431] - DocDB imports None/’’ values
  • [PEEK-432] - ENMAC Diagram Loader - Deleting pages fails
  • [PEEK-433] - Core User - Logic for not filling out an OU or a CN is buggy


  • [PEEK-427] - Create ENMAC Switching Job Loader

v2.0.1 Issues Log


  • [PEEK-397] - Diagram Button Menu - missing some tooltips
  • [PEEK-399] - Print DMS Diagram - black sections of the canvas shown
    in browser print preview
  • [PEEK-400] - Markup Support View Branch - ANT Theme-ing TODO
  • [PEEK-401] - Markup Support View Branch Items - browser unresponsive
  • [PEEK-402] - DMS Diagram Markup Support - unable to edit existing branch
  • [PEEK-405] - VortexJS - unable to begin transaction (3850 disk I/O error)
  • [PEEK-406] - Core User - Logging into the same browser with two browser
    windows causes a logout


  • [PEEK-404] - DMS Diagram Markup Support - Check Save change before close
  • [PEEK-233] - PERFORMANCE - SearchIndexChunkCompilerTask is slow

v2.0.0 Issues Log


  • [PEEK-297] - Peek Desktop - Left Panel Appears unfinished
  • [PEEK-298] - DMS Diagram - Remove DMS Diagram landing page
  • [PEEK-299] - Pointer Cursor on Select World screen
  • [PEEK-301] - Core Search / Diagram / ENMAC Diagram Loader - show on other world panel should use descriptions
  • [PEEK-305] - Core Search - Hide panel after select show link
  • [PEEK-306] - Core Search / Diagram / ENMAC Diagram Loader - hide show on link for current world
  • [PEEK-308] - Core Search - Cleanup search results display
  • [PEEK-309] - DocDB - Show Properties incomplete
  • [PEEK-332] - Diagram Edit - Symbols need to rotate after insertion
  • [PEEK-333] - Diagram Edit - Symbols to be selected as a whole
  • [PEEK-334] - Peek to use HTTPS
  • [PEEK-335] - Peek Server - Peek Admin Doesn’t Require Authentication
  • [PEEK-336] - Core-User - Restrict Users to a particular AD group
  • [PEEK-347] - GraphDB - Running peek_logic_service causes massive memory leak.
  • [PEEK-348] - Diagram - Add tooltips to view toolbar
  • [PEEK-360] - GraphDB PowerOn Loader - unsupported ‘datetime.datetime’ and ‘NoneType’
  • [PEEK-361] - Diagram - Problem with Disp linked DispLayer not matching DispLayer in LookupService
  • [PEEK-362] - Search - Property and Object Type fields are sometimes blank
  • [PEEK-365] - Diagram Panel - Equipment Panel is just terrible, make it a popover
  • [PEEK-367] - Peek fails to load in MS Edge
  • [PEEK-393] - Diagram fails to position on, in Edge
  • [PEEK-394] - IndexedDB is not open on Edge for diagram
  • [PEEK-368] - Diagram Edit - Hide conductor template button in edit mode
  • [PEEK-369] - Diagram Edit - Clicking on the items in the branch causes the browser to crash
  • [PEEK-371] - Diagram Edit - When creating a new node, show a circle or something before the template is selected
  • [PEEK-372] - Diagram - GridCache is not working.
  • [PEEK-374] - Logged in on another device message
  • [PEEK-379] - Diagram Generic Menu attributes not populating in URL
  • [PEEK-381] - Diagram Panel - reduce the number of properties shown.
  • [PEEK-383] - Diagram Panel - order the buttons shown by name
  • [PEEK-385] - Diagram Panel - Too many properties shown in equipment info
  • [PEEK-387] - All peek text is way to big in Peek Desktop
  • [PEEK-395] - DocDB - New popups secondary menu falls below other modals (such as search)
  • [PEEK-396] - Fix Angular errors preventing ng build –prod, and enable in Peek


  • [PEEK-341] - Add support for action delegates in proxy
  • [PEEK-378] - Email NAR - disable send tab before saving


  • [PEEK-326] - Add support for partial keywords in search.
  • [PEEK-351] - Implement websocket upgrades, so two ports are no longer required
  • [PEEK-354] - Add in UI support for ant.design
  • [PEEK-355] - Upgrade to Angular 8, etc
  • [PEEK-366] - Core User - Add support for multiple browser logins
  • [PEEK-389] - Upgrade docdb plugin properties, to reusable popups
  • [PEEK-390] - Make “Show on diagram” item popup buttons dynamic again
  • [PEEK-391] - Make DocDB popup screens configurable
  • [PEEK-392] - Core User - Add alternate login form, suitable for desktops