Install Self Signed Certificates

Follow this tutorial for the installation of self signed certificates on a Peek server. This can be done for the Web Frontend services or for mutual TLS between Peek services.

Create the Certificates

Log into the server using SSH as the Peek user.

Run the following commands:

mkdir ~/cert

cd ~/cert

wget -O \


Insure you have three .pem files in the ~/cert directory.


peek_bundle.pem contains a private key, certificate and CA certificate. The certificate is wild-card certificate that matches by pattern.

Update Service Configuration Files

To use the certificates for Peek frontend servers, edit the ~/peek-{admin,field,office}-service.home/config.json files:

  1. Update the sslBundleFilePath with the file path to the peek_bundle.pem file.

  2. Update the "useSsl" to true

"httpServer": {
      "admin/field/office": {
            "sslBundleFilePath": "[path to peek_bundle\_.pen]",
            "useSsl": true

Restart the Peek Services.


You have successfully configured Peek to use self-signed certificates.